Scientific Committee


Schoolboys at informal urbanisation, Mumbai, India, 2013 (Photo: R.R.)

Schoolboys at informal urbanisation, Mumbai, India, 2013 (Photo: R.R.)

A scientific committee composed by senior researchers will review submitted chapters and will advise the editors.

More details about the members of the scientific committee will be posted here later.

The working schedule is tentative, but we hope to have the book ready by the end of 2015.

Here are the main steps:

10 OCT 2014: Authors will send their expression of interest to take part in this project clearly indicating their empirical work in a 1000- word summary

30 NOV 2014: Authors will be informed about suitability for inclusion in the book. In some cases, authors will be asked to refocus their chapter to fit into the logic of enquiry and objectives of the book. Authors will be instructed on the guidelines for writing chapters and close assistance will be offered to authors during the writing process

15 MARCH 2015: First versions of chapters submitted to book editors

15 MARCH-JULY 2015: Review procedure by editors and external committee members: authors get feedback as soon as their chapter has been reviewed

15 JULY 2015: Deadline for comments from editors and scientific committee

15 SEPT 2015: Pre-final chapters are submitted by authors to editors and scientific committee

30 NOV 2016: Editors will send final comments to authors. Deadline for iconographic material (photographs and maps)

10 JAN 2016: Final chapters submitted by authors

30 JAN 2016: Complete manuscript submitted to the publisher (Routledge)

EXPECTED LAUNCHING OF THE BOOK: IV WPSC World Planning Schools Conference: Rio July 2016 “Global Crisis, Planning and Challenges to Spatial Justice”



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